Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Your dog will enjoy their walk with a small number of other dogs at a variety of safe locations in our local countryside & parks. Dogs are by nature pack animals and we have found that ‘pack’ walks offer your dog great mental stimulation, help them to socialise by making new friends and generally leave your dog feeling more relaxed & worn out.  

Collection & Drop Off's

Collection and drop off of your dog in our fully equipped van. Your dog will be safely secured in a crate in the van whilst he or she travels to the start of the walk with their friends!

Our Fun Walks

Walks are a minimum of 40 minutes duration.  With your agreement we will walk your dog off the lead, provided their recall is good, so they can have a really good run around. If you prefer, we can walk your dog on the lead. 

Cleaning those muddy paws

A rub down at the end of the walk to ensure you don’t come home to muddy paw prints all over the house.

Always In Contact

We’ll leave you a note so you know where your dog has been and which friends they have been out with. We’ll also let you know if there are any issues such as a limp or loose stool etc.